All sorts of different people wear night guards for all different reasons, they are simple but they are also able to help with so many things and issues you may experience. Consistent use of them can help protect teeth if you grind or clench your teeth often as this can cause them to wear down this is called bruxism. Another reason you might wear one is to help with jaw pain, jaws can click and pop and have a locked jaw and all of these can be helped with the aid of a nightguard. Any of these reasons could be why you need to wear a night guard and it will always help in these situations as there are many benefits to wearing them. 


Nightguards although simple are designed specifically for you from a mold of your teeth. They are lightweight and made practically and comfortably so they reduce the amount of stress which is placed on your muscles and jaw joints. Protecting your teeth helps reduce the amount of wear and tear you will experience in an effective way. As it helps reduce the amount of stress placed a lot of people also say they find that nightguards can really improve and make a difference to headaches and neck pain especially which is connected with temporomandibular disorders. 


Before you may find that you wake up a lot with aches and pains which are caused by the stress you are putting on yourself from grinding and clenching your teeth, it can affect you in so many ways. So another incredible advantage of using a nightguard is that you are more relaxed and keeping your muscles relaxed. It helps improve sleep patterns and stress-filled sleep which can come with an issue of TMD which is temporomandibular disorders. 


Grinding teeth and clenching your teeth and jaw can be unconscious without you even realizing and cause so many issues and contribute toward damage to your teeth. By wearing a nightguard you are able to help prevent chipped teeth, wear and teeth to your enamel and teeth as well as damaging any filling you may have. So you will help with those while maintaining your wonderful smile. As night guards are able to help with these issues it can actually also help you save money in the long run. If grinding and clenching aren’t helped with the likes of a nightguard then it can cause a lot more issues down the line to your teeth which can destroy them and you will end up needing a lot of costly dental care to correct the issues. So night guards are certainly a better and more cost-effective investment. 


A benefit that will probably be for your partner more than yourself would be that having a nightguard can improve snoring. Snoring is a common issue if you grind or clench your teeth. Nightguards do also increase your air intake due to the design which creates a small space and allows you to breathe a whole lot better.